Clean Wit

Handmade Soap


Handmade soap by Clean Wit, manufactured in Oregon. 

Bergamot & Tumeric:

"Eastern medicine has long since used turmeric for everything from chicken pox to antibacterial reasons. The introduction of the Italian bergamot fruit adds a soft citrus scent to the earthy ginger aroma from the turmeric. This is a great clean smell for the guys, but women love the great balance of the two perfectly weighed out components that make this bar a huge hit. A personal favorite, I might add." 

Brown Sugar:

"Limited Edition: Brown Sugar. I really wanted a bar that smelled sweet and clean. When I came up with the combinations to get there I was so happy to have finalized a scent that is of fig and brown sugar. You will love this bar in the shower, the bath, or next to your kitchen sink. This bar cleans, looks great, and fulfills your sweet tooth (don’t eat it, silly); not many soaps can say that, can they?"

Minted Rose:

"After Portland's official nickname: City of Roses, I wanted to give my Rosé bar a slight upgrade. This two-toned bar provides great aromatics with good respiratory clarity from cooling peppermint essential oils. The subtle notes of the gorgeous rose scent help relax the mind. Just use this bar and close your eyes - you will feel as if you are downtown strolling through Portland's very own rose garden." 


- Megan Kahl, Soapmaker + Founder

Single 5oz (145g) Bars

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