The Society Hotel



12oz Bags of Whole Beans

Bring the Society Hotel Café home with one of our special location blends of PNW coffee! 

Dark Roast
Molasses, Walnut & Cinnamon
Indulge in the rich, complex and unique flavor profile of this moody roast. With beans sourced from South American, Indonesia & South America: this international collection of high altitude-grown blend is a perfect & powerful way to start your day. 

Medium Roast
Milk Chocolate, Caramel & Dark Cherry
Our #1 recommendation for pour-overs, this playful and timeless blend is easy to drink and mixes perfectly with cream (or any milk substitute) for a soft, enjoyable espresso creation. Beans sourced from Ethiopia, Indonesia and South America lift each-other up for an pleasant and comforting coffee experience. 

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